5 Ways To Build Great Client Relatioships


      The best kind of customer you can have is a repeat customer. You do not have to do a big marketing effort to find them—they already know you. And you do not not need to sell them—they are already sold on your product or service. Repeat customers can also give you great referrals to help build your business. If they already know, like, and trust you, your chances of working with them again are very high.

       The best way to turn first-time customers into repeat customers is to build your relationship with them. The key to this is to engage them. Here are five ways to build relationships with customers and keep them coming back.

  1. Communication is Key! Have conversations and follow up. Face-to-face communication with customers is essential to your success. But do not just focus on promoting your business. Spend the bulk of your time listening to your customers. Have conversations to find out what they need, then address those needs by explaining your solution to their problem. Encourage employees to work on their customer communication skills. Make timely customer follow-up a company policy and be sure your staff promptly returns text and voicemail messages and emails.

  2. Under promise and over deliver. Exceed your customers’ expectations. For example, deliver faster than anticipated. You can help yourself here by telling customers their order will be ready by the end of the month, knowing you can deliver it a week sooner. Keep raising the bar on your standards. Impressing customers is a surefire way to keep them coming back.

  3. Take advantage of your technology connections. Technology gives us more ways than ever to communicate with customers. Make sure you have a top-notch website. Start a blog to engage customers and prospects. Establish a presence on one or two social media platforms. Avoid one-way conversations. Ask customers questions and respond to their comments and inquiries.

  4. Solicit feedback. Invite customer feedback by placing comment cards on your counter, conducting an online survey, and emailing them to ask for an online review. Always respond promptly to comments, whether they are compliments or complaints. Address concerns immediately, and remember that all feedback is valuable, since it helps you tailor what you offer to better meet customer needs. Customer feedback is also a true gauge of customer satisfaction.

  5. Show them you appreciate their business. Offer long-time customers loyalty discounts. Give them reward cards, gift cards, or use a loyalty program app to track points for buying your goods or services, with a reward offered after a certain number of points. The reward could be a discount on their next purchase. You might also give away inexpensive branded items, such as pens or key fobs. Or you could offer even more costly items, such as branded hats, t-shirts, or jackets that say thank you to customers while keeping your business top-of-mind with them.

    Building relationships will help you build your business for the long haul. Relationships are the backbone of any good business and those relationships need cultivating. This takes communication, honesty, integrity, and appreciating them with some loyalty of your own. Those relationships will deepen over time and help your business flourish. Love them and they will love you back!


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